Get any payments worldwide without problems

For businesses that have foreign partners, as well as companies operating within Russia

Commission from 1%

Two payment options

Only official and reliable operators

fiat or crypto

We provide POS terminals

About us

official registration and offices in Europe
legal entity
We were able to develop a convenient integrated solution that we want to share with you!
in the foreign market
foreign clients
we know how to work with clients all over the world
We are the PROFIT GROUP 1917 ltd. We have been exporting products from Russia and the CIS countries for more than 5 years.

Choose the convenient way

Your customers get the opportunity to pay by bank cards of any country - Visa, Mastercard, American Express and others.
Your clients on site will be able to automatically pay for their order in cryptocurrency, and you receive money in any convenient equivalent.
Payment is valid worldwide — 200+ countries
No restrictions, suitable for any business
Reduction of commission costs by 3 times compared with banks

Payment gateway


Crypto processing

Four steps to get started

Add the necessary legal date on the site

Checking the site with payment services

Creating your personal account

Contracting and providing access

Important: Save the invoices for each transaction, starting with the first payments.
This is necessary for easy documentation exchange.

Withdrawal algorithm

All payments will be accumulated in the payment system
Commission charged. Funds are withdrawn to our company account
Funds are sent to you in a convenient way
You receive payment from your foreign partner minus the commission

Working conditions of payment gateway

Client pays by international card via Stripe and you want to receive money in rubles to the Russian card

2,9% + 6% = 8,9% of amount of payment and conversion at the rate of the Central Bank

If you pay by EU card and you want to receive funds in USD

The final commission will be:
2,5% + 6% = 8,5%

If you pay by British card and you need currency to account of a Russian legal entity

The final commission will be:
1,4% + 10% = 11,4%

Commission calculation example when working with payment gateway

from 1,4%

Payment system commission

In addition to the commission, Stripe charges 20 pence or £0.2 per transaction
  • when paying with British cards — 1.4%
  • when paying with Visa and Mastercard issued within EU — 2,5%
  • when paying by cards of other payment systems — 2,9%
Commissions Stripe.com
from 3%
  • withdrawal in Euros within the EU (SEPA) — 3%
  • withdrawal in USDT — 6%
  • withdrawal in rubles to Russian card at the rate of CB — 6%
  • withdrawal in foreign currency to the Russian legal entity — 10%

Withdrawal commission

The total amount of commission — from⦁4,4%

Working conditions of crypto processing

If the client has paid the order in BTC, and you have enabled auto-conversion, and no foreign legal entity, and you want to receive funds to your cold wallet in USDT

The total commission will be:
1,5% + 0,2% + 3% = 4,7%

If payment was transferred in USDT, and  money you need to get in rubles to Russian card

The total commission will be:
1,5% + 3% = 4,5%

Commission calculation example when working with crypto processing

from 1%

Payment system commission

Volatility protection:
Auto-conversion of any cryptocurrency which will be paid by the client in another one. For example, from BTC to USDT — 0,2%
When paying in any cryptocurrency, the commission — 1%
Commissions Coinspaid.com
from 4%
  • withdrawal in EUR inside the EU (SEPA) — 4,5%
  • withdrawal in rubles to Russian card at the Central Bank rate — 3%
  • withdrawal in currency to Russian legal entity — 11,5%

Withdrawal commission

Total commission amount⦁— from⦁4%
If you have a legal entity outside of the CIS, this commission is not charged
Withdrawing funds in USDT to your cold wallet — 4%

What you will get

Full-fledged personal cabinet in each of the payment systems
Access to all statistics and reporting documents
Ability to expose links to payment in manual mode
Linking an automatic payment module to your site
No restrictions on withdrawal of funds. You choose the frequency, amount and variants by yourself

Our solution has already helped 10+ businesses

If you have any questions, please contact us

Please send the request form and we will make an individual calculation for your business

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